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A sumptuous feast served up for experienced and aspiring leaders in bite-sized portions. A thoughtful and practical guide for lifting one's leadership profile in the here and now.
Douglas R. Conant
Retired President & CEO and Director of Campbell Soup Company

New York Times best selling author of TouchPoints  

John Baldoni gets to the heart of what it takes to inspire others to follow your lead. First you need to focus on developing yourself, building strong relationships with colleagues, and then learn to lead others as you would expect to be led. The Leader’s Pocket Guide is a welcome read for executives looking to lead with more smarts as well as more heart.
Ryan M. Lance
CEO, ConocoPhillips

Executives need to take ownership of their own leadership development. John Baldoni's newest book, The Leader's Pocket Guide, provides a good first step. The content is rich with practical insights that are supported with action steps to provide a roadmap to implementation.  A quick, easy read - The Leader's Pocket Guide is handy reference for those looking to develop themselves and their abilities as leaders who can make a positive difference.
Brian O. Underhill, Ph.D.
Founder, CoachSource
Coauthor, Executive Coaching for Results

At last--a pocket guide for leaders!  With the complexity of leading in today's volatile business environment, John Baldoni's The Leader's Pocket Guide provides practical, easy to reference information for leaders to access daily.  The guide covers the myriad of topics and challenges that will help leaders as they navigate the rough waters of strategy, building teams and driving performance.  It is useful and comforting for leaders of all ages and levels of experience.
Nancy Schlichting
CEO, Henry Ford Health System


Leader's Pocket Guideis a fantastic leadership book.  It is a "must have" for all leaders, whether you are leading a large organization, running a small business, or contemplating a new start-up, this book full of insights that will help you avoid future pain.  It is enlightening to learn from Mr Baldoni's coaching expertise and perspective on issues we face as leaders on a daily basis. I was captivated by the "think about" takeaways at the end of many lessons, these were like having personal executive coaching.
John Owens
President & CEO, Cohesion Corporation  

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